FAQs "Arienzo Beach Club Positano"

Booking Information

  • Do I need a reservation for the beach club or do you accept walk in’s?

    We strongly advise guests to make a reservation as soon as possible  via our website 


    Especially if you want to reserve sunbeds in the front rows. We  receive many reservations and go fully booked for weeks in advance.  If you come to the beach club without a reservation we cannot  guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate you. Please contact us  via Whatsapp at +39 089812002 before making your way to the beach  to avoid disappointment. 

  • What’s the latest arrival time?

    It’s important that the customer arrives at the beach club at their confirmed arrival time. If for any reason you’re running late, you must contact us to let us know immediately. If we do not hear from you, we will consider you a ‘no show’ and therefore unable to hold the reservation for you.  Please contact us by sending a text via Whatsapp at +39 089812002.

  • Can we reserve specific sunbeds?

    No you can’t reserve specific sunbeds, only the row specified in your  package experience is guaranteed.

  • How long do we get the sunbeds for?

    You are welcome to stay at the beach club from opening at 10:00am to  closing 18:00pm. The sunbeds are yours for the duration of the day.

How to get there- by sea (shuttle boat)

  • Do I have to book the shuttle boat service in advance?

    If you have a confirmed reservation with us then you do not need to  pre-book the shuttle boat. The complimentary service is reserved for  Arienzo Beach Club guests only. Please note that during the busy  period there is often a queue for the boat so if you prefer not to wait  you can always arrange your own water-taxi at your own expense.

  • Where do I get the boat?

    Lucibello Company pier located in the middle of “Spiaggia Grande” (Positano main beach).
    Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/TzqEh38QVzUrftrH9

  • What time does the boat run?

    Our Shuttle Boat operates daily from Lucibello pier.

    We kindly ask our customers to arrive at the Lucibello pier well in advance of their intended arrival time to ensure a seamless boarding process.

    Return services are available from the early afternoon into the late afternoon.

  • I missed the boat/I’m running late, will I lose my reservation?

    It’s important that the customer arrives at the pier 20 minutes prior to their confirmed arrival time. If for any reason you’re running late, you must contact us to let us know immediately. If we do not hear from you, we will consider you a ‘no show’ and therefore unable to hold the reservation for you.

  • Does your shuttle boat come to Amalfi/Sorrento?

    No, our shuttle boat only goes to and from Positano main beach. If you are reaching us from Amalfi or Sorrento, we suggest taking a ferry to Positano and then taking our shuttle boat from the Lucibello Company pier. 
    Meeting Point: https://goo.gl/maps/TzqEh38QVzUrftrH9

How to get there- by land

  • Where are the stairs to the beach located? How do I get there?

    The stairs are located in the Arienzo district, a few meters after the  entrance to Villa Tre Ville (on the right when facing towards Praiano):  
    Stairs Position

Payment information

  • When do I pay?

    Payment for the experience package is taken in advance via our  website. If you consume any extras outside of your package, you will  need to settle the bill before you leave the beach club. You will need to  make the payment with one of our cashiers.

  • Can I pay with a card?

    Yes we accept cash, debit card and credit card (including American  Express). 

Restaurant Information

  • What is a “lunch at your sunbed”?

    The “lunch at your sunbed” option is lunch served to your sunbeds as  opposed to having lunch in our terrace restaurant. The menu is the  same. 

  • Can I order anything from the menu?

    All our Experiences are included of a Starter and Main Course that you choose from our à la cartè menu. Of course you can order extra courses that will be charged as extra. 

  • Can I order food and drink outside of my package?

    Yes, you can order additional food and/or drink that will be charged as extras.

  • When is the last time to sit at the restaurant?

    The last time to sit at our Restaurant is at 15:40.

  • When is the last order for the bar?

    The last order for the bar is at 17:50pm.

  • I don’t want a package, can I book just sunbeds and a table in the restaurant?

    We only accept reservations with one of our Experience Packages and it is not possible to decompose it. 

  • Do you have gluten free/vegetarian/vegan options on the menu?

    Yes, our Chef proposes some dishes according with this dietary needs.

  • Can I visit the beach club and just have drinks in the bar or eat at the restaurant?

    No, the bar and restaurant are reserved for guests who have booked an  experience package.

  • It’s my birthday, is there anything you can do to make it special?

    Please speak to the restaurant staff when you arrive and they will  arrange birthday candles with dessert or if you’d like to arrange  something even more special please email us well in advance at  reservation@arienzobeachclub.com

Experiences Information

  • I don’t/can’t drink alcohol, can I substitute for non alcoholic drinks?

    The champagne or wine included in your package experience is a  welcome bottle so if you choose to refuse it, the price of the  experience package will not change.

  • I don’t need lunch, is there a package with just drinks?

    No, all of our experiences include lunch. We invite guests to spend a  whole day at Arienzo Beach Club enjoying all our facilities and  everything we have to offer.

  • I didn’t order everything from my package, will I receive a refund for the difference?

    No, we encourage guests to take note of what’s included in their  package to ensure they don’t miss anything.

  • Do you offer a bottle service?

    Yes we offer a bottle service that you can view on our menu.

Edit reservation

  • Do I need to amend my booking?

    In order to make an amendment please email us as soon as possible at  reservation@arienzobeachclub.com especially if you need to amend  the amount of participants or change the date as this will largely depend on our availability. 

  • Do I need to cancel my booking?

    Please check the terms and conditions of your booking as we may or  may not be able to cancel your reservation free of charge. We kindly  ask that you inform us as soon as possible so we can offer the space to  someone else. 

Extra information

  • Is there somewhere I can store my luggage at the beach club?

    Yes but please contact us beforehand to confirm.

  • Does the beach have sun?

    As the sun moves throughout the day the entire beach has sun until sunset.

  • Do you sell any other merchandise?

    Yes you will be able to view our shop via our QR code menu at the  beach club. 

  • I’m not a guest at your beach club but do you rent umbrellas or towels to the free beach?

    No we cannot, please bring your own.

  • Do you play music at the beach club?

    Yes, we have a DJ set everyday playing summer vibes

  • What facilities are at the beach club?

    Toilets, changing room and shower Dj Set playing summer vibes music.

  • Can we buy an Arienzo Beach Club T-shirt?

    Yes you can purchase a T-Shirt at the beach club, just ask one of our  staff members.

Special Refund/Cancellation weather policy