How long do we get the sunbeds for?

You are welcome to stay at the beach club from opening at 10:00am to  closing 18:00pm. The sunbeds are yours for the duration of the day.

What’s the latest arrival time?

We kindly ask our guests to arrive between 10:00am and 12:00pm.  However, if you’re running late the latest arrival time is 13:30pm.  Please note that the last shuttle boat departs from Positano “La  Banchina” at 13:15pm. If you miss the last boat please contact us as  soon as possible sending a text via Whatsapp at +39 089812002.

Do I need a reservation for the beach club or do you accept walk in’s?

We strongly advise guests to make a reservation as soon as possible  via our website 

Especially if you want to reserve sunbeds in the front rows. We  receive many reservations and go fully booked for weeks in advance.  If you come to the beach club without a reservation we cannot  guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate you. Please contact us  via Whatsapp at +39 089812002 before making your way to the beach  to avoid disappointment.